Sustainable use of Timber

Specialists across many areas have been suggesting that using wood rather than steel and plastic is good for the environment and sustainability of our planet for some time. Young trees consume significantly more CO2 than old trees; forest canopies, when thinned, allow more light to reach the forest floor giving rise to fresh life and providing new vegetation for a diverse ecosystem. Fire officers too have now gone on record to state that timber buildings perform better in fire tests than their metal counterparts, and of course we’re not depleting huge resources of fossil fuels in order to harvest timber.

Of course this is a highly complex area and one that we could not summarise here. However, wooden structures make us feel better about our living space – it is a material that is extremely versatile (as you will see in this gallery) and it has superb thermal properties. Combine all these views and it is not surprising wood is going through a renaissance, and a solution can make us all feel good about the future.

If you would like to find out more about the sustainable use of timber in construction please take a look at some of our stakeholder websites:

As joiners we appreciate, perhaps more than other industries, the importance of safeguarding our planet’s resources. Making bespoke products using raw materials does focus one’s mind on sustainability, and it is therefore only right that we ensure we are equipped to protect this environment. Material origins, energy consumption and waste products are a natural part of our review process and our business development. Through our stewardship and material consultancy, we can play a fundamental role in safeguarding these resources.

Environmental Assurances

  • We will only purchase timber from merchants who buy their stocks from sustainable sources
  • We use timber offcuts for heating our premises
  • Shavings used as animal bedding
  • Recycle all paper and cardboard
  • We are continually progressing with newly developed water based sprays and paint products wherever possible
  • Our surplus materials are disposed of through certified sources, all of which have a full paperwork trail