What it means for you

Not all membership schemes are the same. Take this one for example; we haven’t simply paid a fee to become a member, and been accepted- quite the contrary!

The British Woodworking Federation, are an exceptionally well established organisation that operates for the advancement of the industry and the protection of you, the consumer.

New members are expected to be audited against an eight-point assessment and comply in all areas within twelve months of application at which time being entitled to display the logo above.

Certification includes a review and assessment:

  • Customer care and response to complaints.
  • Clarity of contractual dealings.
  • Financial status and stability.
  • Technical expertise and training.
  • Sustainability: members must meet best practice and source sustainably.
  • Environmental impact and waste management.
  • Compliance with employment, health and safety and education legislation.
  • Full insurance cover.

The BWF’s Code of Conduct is there to assure you that you have made a wise choice.